Deodorant - Natural - Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Peppermint


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Deodorant - Natural

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Product Description

This natural deodorant has been carefully created over a many months, tested and improved till this final version has won through.

Designed to not block pores, and therefore allow your body to sweat in the normal way.

There is no aluminum powder in this deodorant. There is also no baking soda which can cause skin irritation.

Instead it contains ingredients that are kind and soothing to your skin whilst at the same time being an effective odour eating deodorant.

It contains the magic of zinc ricinoliate which is extracted from zinc salts and ricinoleic acid obtained from castor oil. It is great at absorbing and neutralizing odour.

The deodorant is formulated to absorb some sweat and oil from your skin whilst allowing your skin to perspire naturally.

The deodorant also helps keep the skin soft, and can feel very soothing when applied.

It neutralises and absorbs odour effectively without blocking pores or stifling the surrounding skin.


Ylang Ylang ~ Orange ~ Lavender A wonderful floral zesty aroma with sensuous musky undertones, with mood boosting uplifting aromas that help you relax, easing anxiety and stress.

Tea Tree ~ Rosemary The unmistakeable scent of Tea Tree with uplifting minty spicy notes, with the addition of Rosemary, believed to help alertness and lift ones mood.

Pine ~ Sandalwood ~ Chocolate A woody fragrance, that is said to have a calming effect, with a warm cocoa indulgence!

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