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  • Domestic Sales Fee: 8.5% + 30p
  • International Sales Fee: 12.5% + 30p
  • ZERO Listing Fees
  • Unlimited Listings
  • Weekly Payouts (Monday)
  • Upto 3 images per product
  • Free listings on search engines



  • Domestic Sales Fee: 6% + 25p
  • International Sales Fee: 12.5% + 30p
  • Everything in Hobbyist
  • Collections
  • Daily Payouts
  • Digital Downloads
  • Included in Flupio Paid Ads
  • Upto 10 images per product
  • Faster access to support

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Product Listing Fees FREE FREE
Product Listings Unlimited Unlimited
UK Sales & Transaction Fee 8.5% + 30p 8.5% + 30p
International Sales & Transaction Fee 12.5% + 30p 12.5% + 30p
Payouts (min £2.00)
Payouts only occur during weekdays
Weekly (Monday) Weekly (Monday), Daily
Product Images Upto 3 Upto 10
Support Response Time 1-2 business days Within 24 hours
Search Engine Listings
Digital Downloads (10mb Max)
Included in Flupio Paid Ads

A wide choice of accepted payments

American Express
Diners Club
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Google Pay
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Flupio marketplace was designed to create a platform where buyers can Find Life's Unique Pieces in One Place by connecting creative entrepreneurs with buyers.

Flupio for Sellers - The perfect marketplace that has all the tools & functions available to sell life's most unique and personalised items. With free listings & simple low fees, we are proud to invite creative entrepreneurs to join the Flupio Marketplace.

Flupio for Buyers - Looking for that unique item, to furnish your home or gift to a loved one? Find the item from hundreds of sellers across the UK that can craft your desired item.

By buying on Flupio you know your item has come from an enthusiastic and creative individual who's ambition is to share their products with you, and we all know each sale generates the little happy dance.

Browse through our sellers listings to find that desired item, simply follow the sellers instructions if it requires personalisation and then head to our secure checkout and create an account and complete your purchase.

The store behind your purchase will then receive the instructions to create and ship your item, and the up to date journey of the item will be communicated to you.

Once you receive your item share your experience with the world by sharing your experience on social media and beyond.

Flupio has a secure platform to protect the buyers and the sellers and ensure all your personal data is secure, our policies and monitoring practices ensure the marketplace remains a safe place to shop and sell a wide range of items.


Offer is valid on registrations between March 1st - 31st using the Hobbyist plan, offer lasts 6 months from the day your shop is registered. 50% off domestic fee (not including fixed fee), offer is not valid on international fees.