Handmade Wine Glass Charm - Avocado


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Handmade Wine Glass Charm - Avocado

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Product Description

An avocado charm accompanied by small coloured glass seed beads.

Add some guac to your style with our Avocado Charm! A playful and trendy accessory for avocado enthusiasts. Embrace the unique and celebrate your love for this green delight!

  • Approx. Size of Ring: 30mm x 25mm x 0.7mm
  • Approx. Size of Charm: 11mm x 18mm x 0.2mm
  • A great way to identify your own glass whilst mingling for any occasion.
  • The rings easily clip on and off the stem of the wine glass.
  • Also suitable for cocktail and champagne glasses.

A wine glass charm is a decorative and functional accessory that is attached to the stem of a wine glass. It is designed to help guests identify their glasses in a social setting where multiple people are using similar glassware. The charms are often used at events such as parties, weddings, or other gatherings where people may be mingling and setting down their drinks.

Wine glass charms come in various designs and materials. They can be made of metal, plastic, glass, or other materials and may include charms such as miniature figures, beads, or personalised tags. Each charm is unique, allowing guests to easily distinguish their own glass from others. This can help prevent mix-ups and confusion, especially in situations where people may temporarily leave their glasses unattended.

Using wine glass charms not only serves a practical purpose but also adds a decorative and whimsical touch to the overall presentation of the table setting or event.

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