Personalised Eucalyptus Place Name Cards - Seating cards


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Personalised Eucalyptus Place Name Cards - Seating cards

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Product Description

Infuse your wedding tables with the subtle allure of nature's finest greenery using our captivating Eucalyptus Name Cards. Each meticulously crafted card showcases the delicate beauty of eucalyptus leaves, imparting a touch of organic charm to your reception décor.

Elegantly designed and expertly printed, our name cards serve as both practical placeholders and exquisite adornments. The soothing green hues of the eucalyptus leaves offer a refreshing contrast against any table setting, effortlessly complementing a range of wedding themes and styles.

Crafted from premium-quality cardstock, these name cards are as durable as they are enchanting, ensuring they withstand the whirlwind of your wedding day while remaining a cherished memento for years to come. Professionally printed, each card adds a personalised touch to your seating arrangements, making every guest feel special and welcomed.

Elevate your wedding celebration with our Eucalyptus Name Cards, where the beauty of nature intertwines with matrimonial elegance, creating an atmosphere of timeless sophistication and refinement.


  • Printed table place cards
  • 105mm x 74mm (4.1inches x 2.9 inches) A7 size when folded
  • Digitally printed on 350gsm smooth matte card with high quality inks & Card

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